Posted by: Rex Boyles | September 4, 2007

This morning … every morning.

Today … I will seek the mercies of God. I will make no claims of spiritual worthiness. I will make no promises of eternal devotion. I will beg His mercy … for I am weak, and I need His strength … for I am sinful, and I need His forgiveness … for I am foolish, and I need His wisdom. With all of my good intentions … with all of my righteous efforts I am nothing more than an unworthy servant; so I will begin today … as I have every morning of every day for several years … admitting my shame and asking for mercy. I do not always accept it … do not always feel that I have received it … but I always believe that His mercies are “new every morning”. Because He said it … that settles it!

p.s. I thank God for Tim and Kim Rush, who were (and are) friends to this sinner. When I was hiding – because of my sense of shame – I was afraid to see anyone from my “teacher – preacher” days – afraid of what they might say or do to me. Somewhere around midnight … one hot August night (2000) … I was working (hiding) the graveyard shift in an all night truck stop, flipping burgers, cleaning toilets and mopping floors … Tim and Kim came to find me. They didn’t come to rebuke or to satisfy their curiosity … they came to ask, “Are you alright?” They made me feel like there might be a day coming when I would feel “alright” again … and they make me feel that way every time I see them – every time I recieve an email from them – every time I read a report of what God is doing through them in Mexico. Please send an email to them … … to bless them as God blessed me through them on that night when they proved they were a friend to this sinner.  


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