Posted by: Rex Boyles | September 6, 2007

When God comes down …

There have always been – always will be – times when God “comes down”. He hears the groaning of His creation … the anguish of His people – and He comes down to protect them – to comfort them – to rescue them. And more often than not – He comes down and entrusts Himself to a man or a woman, who will “complete” in their flesh what is lacking.  

He visited Abraham – gave him a son and a promise to believe … He wrestled Jacob – gave him a new name and a limp to remember Him by … He called Moses – gave him an answer to, “Who?” for himself and Pharaoh … He strengthened Samson – gave him power and a chance to die in faith …He spared David – gave him victory over his enemies and grace over his sins … He answered Elijah – gave him a consuming fire and a still small voice … He touched Isaiah – gave him a vision of glory and a prophecy of the Christ … He blessed Mary – gave her favor and the holy child … He rescued Peter – gave him a name and the keys to the Kingdom … He converted Saul – gave him a look at Jesus and a mission to make all men see.

They all saw His signs and seemed transformed by His power. But there were some, who heard no voices – saw no glories – received no commission from on high. And yet they took their place in the yoke of God’s purpose to see His will done on earth as it is in heaven.

Joseph, who ran for his life and spared his family – Hannah, who gave her son to the Lord and taught us to do the same – Jonathan, who loved a friend like a brother and risked his life to protect him – Ruth, who gleaned in the fields and gave birth to the King – Ezra, who brought his people home and rebuilt God’s house – Esther, who became a queen and saved her family, nation and race (and us) – Martha and Mary, who fed their friend and feasted on His word and presence – Aquila and Priscilla, who made tents and planted a church in their house – Timothy, who served as a son and preached the Word in season and out – Onesiphorus, who found his teacher and refreshed him often.

This list also includes you. You may not believe that you are the one – they didn’t either. You may not believe that you can do whatever He wants – they didn’t either. You may not believe that anything good can ever happen in your life again – but then again, you are not the Prince of Life. You may not feel very spiritual … may be struggling with sin … may be afraid to try (or try again); I understand, but He chose you. He made the choice … and He wants to visit, wrestle, call, strengthen, spare, answer, touch, bless, rescue, and convert you. He wants to use you for His purpose … for His glory.  This list is too long to finish here; but God recorded it, and He will not forget.

p.s. I thank God for Doug Oakes, who was (is) a friend to this sinner. From the first days of 1973 until this day (and tomorrow if God gives us a tomorrow) he has been a friend … the friend that sticks closer than a brother. We have fussed, cussed and discussed anything and everything that our hearts can imagine or experience. He forgave me, before I asked. Came from Ohio to Texas to find me – to comfort me. Sent a check when I had no job. Loves me in spite of me. When he writes, my heart breathes. Write him – ask him to put you on his church bulletin email list. His words – insights – will open your heart to God’s goodness. You will not have to tell him that I love him, because he already knows.


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