Posted by: Rex Boyles | September 10, 2007

“That Day”

I know that you remember where you were on “that day” – September 11, 2001. I do. But do you remember where you were on September 10th? I don’t. My father remembers where he was on “that day” – December 7, 1941. But he doesn’t remember anything special about December 6th. Depending on how old you are – where you live – what matters to you – there are several days that have for you become “that day”:

The day Pearl Harbor was attacked …

The day President Kennedy was assassinated …

The day the Challenger exploded …

The day the World Trade Center collapsed … 

I am not old enough to remember all of these, but there are even more days that are “that day” that I do remember.  

The day of my resignation …

The day of my confession …

The day of my divorce …

The day of my inquisition …

The day of my friend’s rejection …  

Now I know that there are many good days to remember, as well (birthdays, graduations, first dates, wedding anniversaries, sobriety dates, new birth dates, first Sunday of a new church, etc); and we should thank God for them along the way. But my point is this … if we had known that the next day was going to be “that day”, would we have done anything different … changed our behavior … prepared our hearts … spared our friends or families?  

There are circumstances that are out of our control. Some things we cannot change. But today … I can do something to change my behavior … prepare my heart … spare my friends and family … so that tomorrow never becomes “that day” … because of me.

p.s. I thank God for Paige Foreman, who was (and is) a friend to this sinner. She was 10 years old when I met her. She seemed to make it to every youth rally, and she wrote me once a week or more for almost 15 years. When others had nothing good to say or stood silently by … she tracked me down – found a way to contact me … came to find me. (She drove 12 hours round-trip to get to me.) In spite of the storms in her own life, when she heard of the hell that I had brought upon myself, she waded in after me – refusing to leave me alone … refusing to let me go. I will keep her contact info confidential, because that is the way she would want it; but I do hope that you will be like her with sinners (as she is like Jesus) and thank God with me that she was a friend to this sinner.


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