Posted by: Rex Boyles | September 13, 2007

What to do with a new day …


I woke this morning … to a new day.


It didn’t look new. It didn’t feel new. I was still short and fat … still old and gray … still needing to brush my teeth (and my hair sure didn’t look like a “crown of splendor”) … still driving the oldest and slowest car on the place … still working at the same office – on the same computer – with the same people.


But it is new day … whether it looks like it or not … whether it feels like it or not. No one else may realize it or treat me like it is new; but God gave me a brand new day … and I am going to enjoy it … and more importantly, I am going to make good use of it.



With my new day … I am going to:

Look for – listen to – the faithful witnesses of God’s glory.

“For since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made …”. On this new day I have already seen His glory in the rising sun … in the colors of the dawn … in the sleepy face of my bonus daughter, up early to get ready for “picture day” at school … in the voice of a friend, who called early to say, “thank you for loving me” … in the beat of my own heart – the breath in my own lungs that testify that I am alive … alive on this new day.

Intercede for a brother.

He asked me to pray – I already was (am) … have (will). He asked me to write “his elders”. (We have talked about this publicly at our place, so I am breaking no confidentiality.) He deserves to have “his supporters” drop their support. In his words: “I have destroyed all of their trust in me.” I know what he deserves. He does too; but this is not about what he deserves – it is about what he needs. He needs mercy – undeserved – inexplicable mercy. His sins (whatever they were) do not change the man he wants to be … the gifts God gave him … the heart for missions he has proven over 20 years of service. So … today … on this new day I will pray, “mercy”; and I will write to his elders, “mercy” – please God.

Verify my love to a brother.

He is one of the men that meet at our place – late on Wednesday nights after the women and children have gone home. Last night at the end of our study – our encounter with the will of God – he acknowledged a weakness – a need – and asked that we pray for him to be the man that God wants him to be at home and at work. We sat listening to his confession – eager to pray – eager to help – sobered by his honest – real – admissions; for all of us long for the same “conversion” at home and work. So … today … on this new day I will call him, go by his business, take him to lunch – find some way to confirm my love for him.

Expect God to work His will in me.

This is a new day … not because I turned the page of a calendar or lived past the clock striking midnight … because God made it that way. He is – whether I am or not – to move forward – to do good – to get on with having His will done on earth as it is in heaven. I believe that I am ready for the same – I want to be ready for the same. So … today … on this day I will live new.



So … today … on this new day – what will you do?


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