Posted by: Rex Boyles | September 17, 2007

Come home … please.

You are tired … lonesome … confused … afraid … ashamed. You messed up, and you don’t know what to do. You know that it is all – your fault. You can’t believe you did it … but you did. You wish that you could take it all back … but you can’t. You are tired, because you have no place to rest. You are lonesome, because the people, who you thought were friends, aren’t. You are confused, because you don’t know what to do to make things better. You are afraid, because you do not what is going to happen. You are ashamed, because you know that you did wrong, and you hurt the people you love.  

I know that … because I did it too, really. I broke commandments … betrayed vows … and destroyed my “life”. (If you want more details, you can read some of the details in earlier postings; or you can ask me directly. I will answer your questions – honestly.)  

So, let me ask: is this what you really want? Is this what you thought it would be? Is this where you want to live … die?  

It does not have to be this way. You know that … right? You can come home. It won’t be easy … but you can come home – no matter where you are or what you have done. You can come home. No, it won’t be easy … but it is simple: 

  1. Come to your senses.

Have you read the legend of the lost son? He rebelled against his father, demanded his inheritance, and blew it all on a “good time”; but the good time didn’t last and neither did the “good time” friends. He ended up broke – broken. He ended up in a mess. Eventually things got so bad that he woke up – he “came to his senses”. I know how that feels, don’t you? Look around. Do you want to stay where you are? You want to come home, don’t you? Well, “get your head out …” and decide that it is time to come home. I did … and you can too. 

  1. Confess your sin.

This is not going to be easy, but you are going to have to admit that you were wrong. I had to, and you do too. Even David – in the Bible – had to admit it too. You do not have to explain why you did what you did. You probably can’t anyway – I couldn’t. You do not have to “make things right” … because you can’t. No matter what you say … what you do … you cannot undo what you did. Even God cannot change our pasts. But when you get ready to confess – to say that you are sorry … say it honestly. No more lies … no more excuses. Say it humbly. You were wrong – I was too; so we deserve no special consideration – no “get out of jail free” cards – no “it’s okay, because you didn’t really mean to hurt anyone” justification. I deserved to be stoned to death. I had nothing to offer (neither do you) except our honest and humble admission that we do not deserve to be sons anymore; but we just want to come home. 

  1. Come home.

I know that you feel ashamed. I remember. I know that you will have a hard time facing some of the people, who are at home. I did too. Worrying about them kept me in hiding for longer than I want to admit. I was afraid of what they would say or do to me – are you? There will be people, who will want to “make you pay” … some that will want to “put you in your place”; but not the Father. Our Father has been looking for you. He is not sitting on the porch, hoping you will come home. He is out looking for you. When Adam and Eve were hiding … He came to find them. When David was hiding … He came to find him. He did the same to me … for me. You have heard His voice … seen His footprints, haven’t you? He wants you home. And when you come … He will run to meet you. He will not be ashamed of you … He will not be afraid to call you by name … He will not hold your sin against you. He will hug you … kiss you … and celebrate your welcome home. No one else matters – NO ONE! Ignore everyone else – come home to your Father. He will give you a place to rest … He will not leave you nor forsake you … He will make things “right” … He will defend you and protect you … He will forgive you and remember your sins – no more. Come home, please. 

I said it, and I mean it. No one else matters … neither do I; but I would like to be there with you – to be a brother, who will celebrate with you – to be a friend, who will stand with you before your accusers – to be a shelter from the wind – a refuge from the storm – a stream of water in the desert. Please let me know if I can help. 

p.s. I thank God for my son, David, and my daughter, Cheri. They were (and are) friends to this sinner. More than any others they suffered the consequences of my sins, and yet they forgave me, comforted me, and reaffirmed their love to me, so that I would not be overcome by excessive sorrow. Without them, I would not have made it. I regret my sin, and I regret what they have had to suffer – because of me – from people, who were angry at me but took it out on them. They did nothing wrong. They just loved their old man, and proved to me and to anyone else, who is willing to see, how Jesus would be a friend to this sinner.


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