Posted by: Rex Boyles | September 19, 2007


Last night … late … a young man called. We talked – 15-20 minutes. (I can’t – won’t – tell you all that we discussed; but he confessed his sin. He said, “I have been reading your blog and all of the comments … I want to come home.”  

We talked about the Father, who has already run to meet him. The celebration has already started in heaven. (Wouldn’t you love to see the party when the angels “get down” and “rejoice”?) According to the Word from the Lord, his sins are removed as “far as the east is from the west” … washed away by the blood of Jesus, who stands beside him “speaking in his defense”. The people he hurt will remember, and he understands – but anyone else who wants to “keep a record of wrongs” is WRONG. His sins are not on the books – God remembers them – NO MORE. 

We talked about the “elder brother”. He has already met him (them). “They just look at me – like they don’t even know me.” They do know him – they know the kind of man he is – not was – but is. Yes, he made a mistake … he sinned – “I messed up” – but he is still the same man they saw sitting in their church … eating in their homes … laughing and loving in their lives. He feels uncomfortable. (I remember that, don’t you?) Some of that is his own “guilt sensors” – but some of it is that there are people (even good-intentioned people), who want to “make him pay” … “put him in his place” … “wallow in his sin, so he won’t ever do that again”. I encouraged him to follow the prodigal’s example – focus on the Father – enjoy the party – and ignore the older brother. 

We talked about the rest of us – those people, who do not know him but will be invited to the party. (There were others guests at the party.) Everyone there will have to make their own decision – “How am I going to treat this brother that just came home?” (NOTE TO SELF: the one throwing the party is God. That should give you a clue. HINT: It is always right to agree with God.) We discussed that there will be some who will celebrate with you, remembering their own rescue – some will stand off from you, because they just don’t know what to say – some will resent the fact that you are having a party (just like the older brother, but they are just too nosy to miss out on the party). 

What would you say … what will you say to our brother who wants to come home? (You can say it here – because he is reading – listening.) 

p.s. We have blogged, chatted, and prayed: May God raise up a fellowship of prodigals, (who have come to their senses … made their apologies … seen God run … ignored the old brother … and celebrated their return), who will say whatever needs to be said … do whatever needs to be done … to welcome home those who are tired … bruised … filthy … lonely … ashamed … afraid … broken … guilty. Let’s confirm our intentions to be a church like Christ – and welcome this brother home.


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