Posted by: Rex Boyles | September 20, 2007


He made it home … and the celebration that began in heaven spilled over into an old restaurant in East Lubbock, where a small group of sinners seeks to be not just a church of Christ but a church like Christ. Our feast was more hot dogs and chips than fatted calf; but not one “elder” brother showed up. (If they had, we would have loved them up so much that they would have repented; and we would have doubled up on the partying.) We didn’t have any new shoes, robe, or ring for him … but there were plenty of handshakes, hugs, and “welcome home”. We have more stained carpet than we have stained glass; and the only sign we have is a neon-lighted OPEN sign – hence our nickname, the OPEN church … but our celebration with this brother is just beginning.  

When I got home around midnight … I found this “thank you” note in my email inbox:

“Hey thanks for the blog, and I especially appreciate the responses everyone sent.  I feel something that I haven’t felt before.  These people don’t even know me but they all referred to me as someone they loved and made me feel at home.  My heart feels something good for the first time in a long time…..” 

So before this celebration ends … please share with him a “homecoming” gift … a blessing … a word of encouragement. What is the next step? What will help our brother take the next step?


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