Posted by: Rex Boyles | September 26, 2007

“I was wrong …”

She apologized. She said, “I have a confession to make to you. Years ago, I heard the rumors of the events you write about in this blog. I was one of the judgmental. One of the ones that called you names and felt sorry for your kids for what you had done to them. I’m sure I had a few choice words that I spat in your direction. And I was wrong, so very wrong.”  

She did not “have to” apologize to me – I never even knew that she had sinned against me. No one – that I know of anyway – ever confronted her. Had she sent me an email – commented on one of the blog’s posts – called me to reconnect, I would have been so glad to hear from her to know how she is doing – to catch up with all that God has worked in her life. I would have never known of the pain that my sin caused her (though I live in the knowledge that my shame hurt many of you) … or the judgment she held against me.  

So … when she confessed her sin – admitted that she was wrong … I forgave her (even though I didn’t even know I needed to). When she asked for my “forgiveness”, it was already done.   I was spared the burden of knowing – first hand – her anger and judgment; but in her honest and humble confession, I was given a gift … a gift from God of knowing that I too have been forgiven. 

P.S. I thank God for Anji, who is a friend to this sinner. In spite of her disappointment in me – her anger toward me – she forgave me; and then she gave me a gift – allowing me to be like Jesus. (I need all the practice I can get.) You are among a number of people I have known as teacher to student – now I hope that we can become friends. Thank you for being a friend to this sinner. 

P.P.S. If there are others of you – out there – who are disappointed in me, I understand. I am too. If you have felt angry toward me, I understand … really. I am angry at me, too. Please know that I am sorry for what I did. For any sin – for any misunderstanding – that may have caused you pain … I apologize. Please forgive me. And if my shame has caused you to sin – to sin against me, please let me know – please let it go – please give me just one more chance to love you – like Jesus loves me.


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