Posted by: Rex Boyles | October 31, 2007

“Boo … who?”

This day can be a fun day for kids – for kids that get to be kids and don’t get “over-spiritualized” or “politically correctized”. They get to dress up – which every kid I have ever known (even this one) loves to do; and they get CANDY!!! (If it is chocolate candy – that is even better.) For a brief perspective on a child’s view of Halloween – check out “Step by Step” (, a blog written by a sister and friend of mine – Sherry.  (You will want to read everything she has written – but notice today’s posting.) That is what Halloween ought to mean to a kid.

However, I have a friend whose birthday is today. It is not always a day that she enjoys, because somewhere in her past people (people who should have known better) started teasing her for being born on Halloween – and saying the kind of things that not only embarrassed her – but frightened her. (Those things were told to me in confidence – so I won’t repeat them here; but trust me when I say – what was said to her and how it was said left some marks on her heart.) Therefore, she does not always look forward to Halloween.

Another friend of mine remembers every year that her wedding day was on Halloween. She always jokes, “I should have known”; but deep inside her heart this day reminds of a nightmare that she would rather forget.

So … would you bloggers just have a little fun with me today (and maybe tomorrow)? Tell me what your favorite Halloween costume was. Tell me what Bible character would you want to “dress up” like – if we were having a Bible costume party? Tell me what historical character would you want to dress up like? What movie star (living or dead) would you want to dress up like? As you share, I will too.

I have some friends that need to smile today … please help me take some of the “ache” out of this day and give them a bit of fun.   


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