Posted by: Rex Boyles | November 2, 2007

“My boy …”

November 2, 1973 … my boy was born. He weighed 5lbs. & 13oz. – 19 1/2 inches long. His given name, William David Boyles. He inherited his last name from my family and with it comes a legacy of family first, hard work, and being a good neighbor. His first name came from my father – his grandfather (see my previous post: “the best man I have ever known”); and with that name comes a legacy of devotion to God, family and country. I chose his middle name, because I wanted him to become “a man after God’s own heart”; and with that name comes a legacy of conviction, courage, and a passion for life.

My boy … lives up to his name. I am proud of him. Always have been – always will be.

His first step … trying to run before he could walk.

His first word … “no”, which was followed quickly by his second, third, fourth, etc. words.

His first memory verse … John 3:16. We learned in phrases – “For God” … “so loved” … “the world” … “that He gave” … “His only Son”. It was from this verse that I taught him to spell his first word, “G”-“O”-“D”. It wasn’t long before we were reading the Bible together. I would be studying for a lesson, and he would bring his little Bible to me, “Daddy, find me John 3:16.” I would open his Bible …. point out the verse … and watch him “read”. He would find the only word he could spell, “God”, read it aloud … then find the next “God” to read. One day – when he was reading his Bible – he stopped – got my attention – and said, “Daddy, this whole book is John 3:16.” I laughed. I guess when the only verse you know is John 3:16, and the only word you know is “God” – maybe the whole book is John 3:16.

I laughed, but I agreed with him. This whole Book is John 3:16, from the creation of heavens and earth in Genesis to the creation of the new heavens and earth in Revelation … from the presence of God in the garden to the presence of God in the church … from the covenant written on stones to the new covenant written on hearts – this Book is a record of God’s love from start to finish.

My boy taught me that …

He has taught me many things – but the greatest lesson of all might have been the one that he taught me about being a friend to sinners. When he heard my confession, he did not reject me – did not stand off from me – did not leave me to “wallow in my sin” – did not wonder how to treat me – did not expect some “contractual renewal” from me … he just loved me – forgave me – helped me come home – defended me against hypocrites and the older brother types – suffered with me, because of me, and for me.

William David Boyles is my son … by brother … my friend … my co-worker … my teacher; he is my boy.        


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