Posted by: Rex Boyles | December 18, 2007

“From Jennifer’s Heart”

Before you read the rest of this blog entry – you may want to read the previous entry: “I met the Ethiopian Eunuch”, aka: Jennifer.

What you will read below are excerpts from an email I received from Jennifer one week after she began her new life in Jesus. But it is more than an email … it is a psalm of praise (much like David’s writings) from a heart that knows what it means to find life and love in the Lord … it is a gospel sermon (much like Paul’s teachings) from a mind that understands the power of the gospel and is not ashamed … it is a thoughtful reflection (much like Mary’s ponderings) from a soul that caught a glimpse of God’s purpose for her and wants to fulfill it …

“I think you know that I do not believe in coincidences. I believe (and have seen in my life) that God always works out things better than I ever could plan myself. In fact I was reading the study notes in my bible today about a passage in Acts regarding Paul’s imprisonment, warning against demanding God to fix things our way as he always has a much better plan in mind.

Throughout our study my strongest emotion has been anxiety and a heavy sense of responsibility. I have thought about (and worried about) why I have not felt a sense of joy or urgency. The only answer I can come up with is that I have been trying to follow the Lord for several years now and so things just really don’t feel that different now as I am doing many of the same things I always have. There have been moments when I have felt more intense emotion such as when I read your blog. I was also praying the other night and I asked for forgiveness as usual, but I smiled to myself when I realized that I am actually promised forgiveness now.

 I feel so blessed that I was able to connect with a group of Christians on a more personal level. I have never read my Bible so much or had someone to help make sense of all of it. I am very grateful that God put ALL of you in my life. I think the most emotional thing for me has been seeing the grace and love of God through other people. Reading everyones’ responses to your blog I felt as if some of them care about me more than some of my family members even have. I think one of my biggest fears is that don’t or won’t do the same for others.

Overall I feel as if I have grown more … in the last year and a half than the rest of my 28 years combined. I know that I have much more to learn, but I feel more confident now that I have submitted to what the Bible teaches is the most important requirement God has for us. I am waiting for Him to use me and hoping that I will recognize the time(s) when it comes… Jennifer

p.s. NOTE FROM REX: Please write Jennifer a note – to encourage her in her walk with Jesus. Share with her some insight you have from your own walk with the Lord – offer her some blessing for her journey. Thank you. 


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