Posted by: Rex Boyles | January 1, 2008

“My name is Rex …”

My name is Rex … and I am a sinner.

I started writing this blog for my brother and friend, Dennis. I had never written a blog before – and cannot remember ever having even read one. After the first few months it became obvious that others were going to visit from time to time. (Anyone and everyone is welcome.) So … it may be time for me to state (or maybe restate) my purpose here … the reason I come back from time to time to this place.

I chose the title of this blog – not to be provocative or “edgy”; but because I am a sinner … and in the days when I suffered the most from the consequences of my sin, I was desperate for a person with whom I could be honest – open – real … desperate for a place where I could find acceptance, forgiveness, and celebration. This blog gave me an outlet for my grief over my sin and my praise over my redempton.

I chose the – picture of this blog, because one of the most intimate moments in Holy Scripture is when Jesus, the Lord and Savior, takes Simon, son of John (Peter) for a walk “on the beach” – along the shore of Galilee – after breakfast. On that walk Jesus reassured Peter that he was accepted … forgiven … and included in the Lord’s plans for His Kingdom. I have taken that walk with Jesus and invite you to do the same.

All sinners are welcome here … for this site is “for sinners only”.       


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