Posted by: Rex Boyles | February 24, 2008

The First Supper

When they met in the upperroom for “the last supper” – some bickered about who was the greatest … one plotted his early exit … and one pledged his undying devotion. They all accepted (though one complained) the gift of His love, when He washed their feet. They ate the bread He blessed … drank the fruit of the vine He poured. They sang a hymn, and went to meet their destinies … While Jesus was praying and proving, “Thy will be done” … three slept … one betrayed … one denied … all deserted Him.

For 3 days they had to live with their shame. Even though they had deserted Him … He would not deny them. For forty days He confirmed their faith … assuaged their guilt … and prepared them for their mission.So on that first Sunday in the Kingdom … when it came time for that first supper, the supper Jesus had promised to commune with them … did they bicker or plot? Or did they remember?

This morning, I met with a small group of believers to “commune” with Jesus. There was no bickering … because we are all sinners. We have all accepted (with no complaint) the gift of His love in that He washed our sins away. So when we come together to “break bread”, we make no claims … but we do remember. May God help us never to forget …     


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