Posted by: Rex Boyles | May 7, 2008

“Welcome home, Jennifer.”

When I met her, her name was Jennifer Chance. She grew up in Indiana … and “as if by chance” she met a young man from Texas, Ramon Johnston. (God was working it all out – answering the prayers that each of them were praying, as well as those of all who know and love them.)

In each other they found that special mixture of fun, attraction, respect, understanding, and like – that makes up that magical feeling of “love”. And just like the rest of us, who have been smitten with another, they have had to wade through some tough times – some misunderstandings and challenges that forced them to rethink their relationships with each other, other friends and family, and most importantly God.

After a serious time of prayer, counsel, and personal reflection they chose to devote themselves to each other. So … they stood before God in presence of their friends and family – exchanged their vows and rings – promising God and each other “I do” … “til death do us part”.

It was my honor to witness their vows and to be the first to introduce them as husband and wife.

But by far, my greatest honor came last Sunday afternoon, when Ramon and Jennifer came by to visit. We talked about marriage … jobs … and Jesus. During our discussion about Jesus, Jennifer learned the way of the Lord more accurately. She decided that she wanted to “listen to Jesus”.

So … we gathered family and friends together, listened as she confessed her faith in Jesus, the Son of God, and watched her buried in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to be raised to walk in her new life.

I was honored to stand next to her – her hair still dripping wet – as her new brothers and sisters welcomed her into the family of God. She is home now …

Welcome her home, please.   



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