Posted by: Rex Boyles | May 21, 2008

“In moments like these …”

There are moments – not described fully in the Word … that fill me with wonder. (Here are a few.)

The moment Adam first sees Eve (agreeing with God – “very good”) …

The moment Noah notices the rainbow (feeling at peace for the first time in 120 years) …

The moment Abraham holds Isaac (laughing) …

The moment Moses feels the snake turn back into his shepherd’s staff (wondering if anyone is going to believe him) …

The moment Israel eats bread from heaven and drinks water from the rock (eating and drinking, but forgetting to say, “thank you”) …

The moment Samuel answers, “Speak Lord. Your servant is listening …” (dreading to tell Eli what he heard) …

The moment David sings, “… as far as the east is from the west …” (hoping one day for a clean heart) …

The moment Esther experiences, “… for such a time as this …” (standing before the king when he welcomes her into his throne room) …

The moment Mary surrenders her reputation, life, and will to God (wondering what Joseph is going to think) …

The moment Peter, Andrew, James, and John fill their boats with fish (believing that they were too sinful to be with Jesus) …

But there are other moments recorded in my heart that also have filled me with wonder at the grace and power of God. (Here are a few.)

The moment Dr. Lightfoot used Hebrews 4:15-16, to introduce me to my best friend, Jesus.

The moment Cline Paden introduced me to his vision of every nation in every generation (and his sense of humor – spelling my name WRECKS).

The moment a 24 hour road trip with Doug Oakes gave me a beloved friend for this life and the next. He did most of the work on that trip and still bears my burdens.

The moment my son, David (3 years old), told me – as he read the word “God” on every page of his Bible – “This whole book is John 3:16!” (“God” was the only word he could read, and John 3:16, was the only verse he knew.)

The moment my daughter, Cheri, changed my view of the gospels (especially Luke) and my ministry, when she sighed – disappointedly – “I want to see the real Jesus”. (Just after I told her that the man on the movie was just pretending to be Jesus.)

The moment Jesus came to life for me in the words and works of the gospel of Mark, when I first saw the “good news” that Jesus can!

The moment Dennis Wilson heard and believed, “You are forgiven.”

The moment Tim and Kim Rush came to find me.

The moment Paige answered the question, “What kind of church is this?” … with “That OPEN sign is the only sign we have – so I guess we are the OPEN Church.”

The moment – each week – that God gives me with this fellowship of prodigals, who are passionate about welcoming others home.

p.s. The moment 7 brothers met their broken and ashamed brother at the airport … praying that he will come to his senses and make it all the way home. 



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