Posted by: Rex Boyles | May 24, 2008

“I saw Jesus … today.”

On Saturday mornings at the OPEN, we have our “for ladies only” Bible study.

Two weeks ago, Saturday, Ruby was born into God’s family with her mother, Frances, and her aunt, Teresa. (See blog: “Birth Announcements”.) This morning Ruby was back with her aunt, Esther … her sister, Rebekah … her cousins, Samantha and Zimri. They also brought with them Zimri’s son, Paul (2 years old) … Rebekah’s son, Angel (3 years old) … Samatha’s son, Jayden (almost 1 year old) … and a baby girl that Ruby babysits.

They joined our group of regulars: Sherry – my co-teacher, Sarah, Lisa, Regina, and Paige. For several weeks now, I have watched Jesus do amazing things on Saturday mornings at the OPEN. Three adult women being born into God’s family on the same day was a “Pentecoste”-type day for us, so now we approach every Saturday with anticipation. 

As we were getting settled into our places … opening our Bibles … beginning our discussion of what Jesus answered when people asked, “What shall we do?” … it became apparent that the children were going to make it “challenging” for their mothers and aunts to listen as intently as they wanted. As they rocked and patted and coaxed the children to be still and quiet, I saw Jesus. 

I saw Jesus …

Without a word Sarah got up – grabbed up the little ones – and headed to the classroom next door. Sarah spends all day everyday with children, and she looks forward to our Saturday mornings of coffee, adult conversation, and serious search for God’s will. But today, she “counted others more important” than herself. I saw Jesus … today … in Sarah. 

I saw Jesus …

As we focused our attention on the Lord’s answer to Saul’s question, “What shall I do, Lord?” … I saw Jesus. Without a word (or anyone even noticing, except for Ruby) Lisa took the little girl that Ruby was rocking to sleep, so that Ruby could concentrate and take notes in her Bible. Lisa also teaches school and has a full day of children every day, but today … during a time when she usually gets to relax and reflect on her life in the Lord’s will, she “counted others more important” than herself. I saw Jesus … today … in Lisa. 

I saw Jesus …

All four of the visitors that came with Ruby have acknowledged that they are lost – not saved – and they are serious about learning God’s will for their lives. As we concluded our discussion, I asked the same question that Saul was asked, “What are you waiting for?” Their answers were honest and real – sobering all of us, who had very few obstacles in obeying Jesus. As they spoke of “bad” relationships, I saw Jesus. With tears in her eyes, Sherry shared of her own bad decisions – the obstacles that she allowed in her life. These women listened and understood what she was saying. They know Sherry’s heart for them and her love for Jesus. But rather than keep her shame to herself – acting more righteous than the rest – Sherry “counted others more important” than herself. I saw Jesus … today … in Sherry.

I saw Jesus …

Among the obstacles that they said hold them back from following Jesus – for now – was the issue of addiction. A difficult topic to discuss in a “Bible class”, but these women were honest and real. As they stumbled over their words, trying to “get it out”, I saw Jesus. Ruby spoke up – 2 week-old Christian – 4 days shy of 4 months of sobriety – to let her family know that if or when they decide to leave the drugs to follow Jesus, that she would be there to help them … they would not be alone. As they spoke of how they could help each other, I saw Jesus. Paige spoke up – Christian for 18 years – 10 years 2 months of sobriety – shared the reality of her own journey back to Jesus after a walk through hell. Neither Ruby nor Paige enjoy the confessions, but they “counted others more important” than themselves. I saw Jesus … today … in Ruby and Paige. 

I saw Jesus … today … and the truth is – I see Him everyday at the OPEN. 



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