Posted by: Rex Boyles | June 1, 2008

“Can I bring …?”

In my lifetime of “going to church” – whether I wanted to or not … I have heard lots of discussions about lots of questions – a good many of them senseless and insignificant. But at our place – more than once – I have heard folks ask the very question of eternal life – the question that the Jews asked in Acts 2 … that Cornelius asked in Acts 10 … that the jailer asked in Acts 16 … that Saul asked in Acts 22 – “What shall (must) I do (to be saved)?”

On Wednesday nights at our place – after the women and children go home – a group of men meet for a “for men only” time in the Word and prayer. During this time, I have heard that question asked several times.

In fact on Wednesday night – last week – a young man, one of our visitors, asked me, “Can you write all of the Bible verses I need to know to be saved?”.

Well, of course I wrote a few verses down for him to read … verses that will give him Jesus’ answer to that eternal life question … but I got to do more than just write some verses down for him; I got to read the Word with him and encourage him to listen Jesus.

After we finished our reading … he told me that he needed to repent and be baptized – “just like it says here” (pointing to the Bible); but he said that he wanted to study some more … to think it over … to make sure that “this time I am doing it for myself”. (His parents had him sprinkled, when he was a baby).    

As he picked up the paper, where I had written the Scriptures that he wanted to study, and moved toward the door, he turned and asked, “Can I bring my girlfriend? I want her to hear this.”

Of course, you know my answer.

I do not know what this young man will decide to do. (I am praying that God will open his heart and spare his life.) But I like that he wants to share with his “fiance” the words of life.

I pray that God will move us to have that same interest … same concern … same hope for our families and friends.

Can I bring my father? … my mother?

Can I bring my brother? … my sister?

Can I bring my uncle? … my aunt?

Can I bring my husband? … my wife?

Can I bring my son? … my daughter?

Can I bring my boyfriend? … my girlfriend?

Can I bring my best friend? … my new friend?

p.s. Who is it that you most want to bring to meet Jesus – to hear the good news – to listen to Jesus?


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