Posted by: Rex Boyles | July 20, 2008

“I can get past this …”

(I will not tell you who, when, or where … but I want to share with you excerpts from an email I received from a sister and friend of mine.)

“… that is how I came to read your blog. I showed it to (husband), and we both felt very moved by your words.”

“I’m sorry to hear that you still suffer from the sins of your past, which is what it is … your past. As you know, so do we.”

“Even though we cannot forget what we have done, God has. But I, too, feel like there are plenty of those who want us to “suffer the consequences” of our sins, as if we don’t. It is so hard, as you know, to have been (a leader in the church) and to have committed such a sin.”

“There are those to this day in town who will still turn their heads frm me or not speak to me. That is their choice, but in turn it has made me just like them. My heart is hard toward them. My prayer is that I, too, can be like you and not have hard feelings towards them. That is so hard to so at times. I never thought that I would go back to (name of city), where my past was. To see all those from the church that I have known and loved and have them turn their backs to me (especially those that I was close to). But I believe with all my heart that through God I can get past this, even if they can’t.”

“I know each of us need to worry about ourselves and not what others think.”

Her words remind me:

… of the raw emotional pain caused by guilt.

… of the lack of understanding of so many, who have surely sinned but have never had their sins made public.

… of the shameful ungodly doctrine of those who either believe or give impression that they believe that a sinner has to “suffer enough”.

… of the bruised and broken hearts in our world who need someone to notice them – care about them – bind up their wounds and take them to a safe place to rest and heal.

… of the grace and mercy of God, who celebrates my homecoming the rest of the sinners at the OPEN.

Now it is your turn …


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