Posted by: Rex Boyles | September 14, 2008

“Welcome to the family, Ester.”

“Saturday, August 30, 2008 @ 11:30a … Ester Rodriquez was born into the family of God. Enough said! Let’s welcome her home!”

I wrote these words last week … and used them to intoduce “an unfinished story” … which is a realistic testimony of the incredible grace and providence of God … but I disagree with what I said above, when I wrote, “Enough said!”

I could never say enough about Ester.

You know how I came to meet her … but you should really get to know her.

On the day that she first heard the words of life about Jesus … she realized that she needed to “listen to Him”, but there were some issues in her old life – that she wanted to “clear up” before she accepted her new life.

I am not at liberty to discuss those issues here … serious issues that demanded serious lifestyle changes … but you should know that Ester began to live and pray in such a way that it was obvious that she was bearing “fruit worthy of repentance”. So … when the day came for her to receive her new life, those of us who know Ester, were almost as thrilled as she was.

And since that day … we have seen her walk with Jesus through traumatic and stressful situations … with the dignity of the Queen from whom she got her name – to fulfill God’s purpose for her life.

Please welcome Ester to the family of God.


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