Posted by: Rex Boyles | October 21, 2008

“Are you okay?”

I was broken and bruised by my own sin. I was so ashamed of myself that I felt like I could not breathe … and I would not talk to anyone who knew “what I did”. I was hiding … not so much from God, but from anyone who had any connection with church.

I was living in a one bedroom apartment. Kept the lights turned off. I sat in my “special” chair (the only furniture that I had) and stared the same blank stare that most hopeless people stare. I would not eat … could not sleep.

I did not answer the phone or the door … 

Until she knocked. A sister in Jesus. I had helped her walk back home to the Lord and was there when her husband was born again. She knocked. I did not answer. She continued to knock. I did not answer. She began to cry – I could hear her through the door. “Please, Rex … let me in.”

I did.

As she moved toward me – to hug me. I stepped back. I ducked my head …  began to cry … and kept backing away from her. She stopped me … put her hand under my chin – lifted my face … and asked, “Rex, are you okay?”

How do I describe to you what happened? It was like my heart exploded in relief. Someone cared. She cared. She was not there to remind me of my sin – to add to my shame – to make sure that I knew that I deserved to be stoned to death. She wanted to know if I was okay.

Of all of the good things – comforting things that were said to me by people who loved me – even then – I do not believe that there were any more powerful healing words than, “Are you okay?”.

So … today, let me ask you – what I would ask you – if I could lift your face and look into your eyes: Are you okay? You can tell me. (If you need for your reply to be anonymous to those who are reading – okay – just change the name on your post.) And I really do want to know. I make no claim that I will understand … no claim that I can do anything to make it better … but I will care for you.

I want you to know the relief that I received that day, when Lee cared for me.

And I want to be the friend to you … that Lee was to me. (Thank you, Lee.)


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