Posted by: Rex Boyles | November 19, 2008

“… God sent me an angel.”

When Abigail needed a friend the most … she met Brian.

She told me … “When I met Brian, it was like God sent me an angel.”

She believes meeting Brian was a moment of “divine intervention” (her words) in her life.

I agree … and I will tell you why.

I don’t know all of the story … don’t know all of the dates … but I know that on Wednesday, May 28, Brian and I got to open the Word and learn about Jesus. It was obvious that he wanted to follow Jesus – even then – but he needed some time to think … and to talk to his fiance, Abigail.

He would come back from time to time … to visit … to ask another question or two.

Last night (Tuesday, November 18) … he brought his wife, Abigail, with him. They both had some questions. The first (and most important) question was, “What do you have to do to go to heaven (and not go to hell)?”

We opened our Bibles … and let Jesus answer that question. We discussed several things … but in the end we just looked at the answer Jesus gave those Jewish religious folks in Acts 2, and that Jewish terrorist fellow in Acts 22 … when they all asked the same question, “What shall we (I) do?”

Once Brian and Abigail read what Jesus had to say, they decided to listen to Him. So … they got up and were baptized, washing away their sins. (That is what is promised in Acts 22:16.)

Brian was baptized by my friend and brother, Bart. Then Brian baptized Abigail.

As they hugged each other … still dripping wet … I thought of what she had told me about when they first met, ” …  God sent me an angel.” – a moment of divine intervention. I agree. How else do you explain that a girl, needing a friend – finds one that becomes her boyfriend … her best friend … her fiance … her husband … her teacher … and her brother in Jesus?

Please welcome Brian and Abigail to the family of God.


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