Posted by: Rex Boyles | December 9, 2008

“… a new life …”

On Sunday afternoon, November 23, 2008 … Josh and Zimri confessed their faith in Jesus and were baptized into the name of the Father – the Son – and the Holy Spirit. Kelly baptized Josh, and then Josh baptized Zimri. They began their new lives on the same day.

They began another new life together – as husband and wife – on December 6th.

Please welcome them to the fellowship of God’s people and share a word of encouragment with them. (Offer a blessing for their marriage, as well, please.)

Knowing that Josh and Zimri are now our brother and sister is reason enough to “bless them”, but it might inspire you … as it did me … to hear how Josh appreciates life.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving … I asked our folks at the OPEN to tell me something that they thank God for (and to be specific). Before I was finished asking the question Josh had his hand up … eager to share.

“Every morning when I wake up I thank God for my life. The fact that I am alive is all because of God. I was in a gang … and I have taken drugs … been shot at … gone to prison … over-dosed on drugs … even tried to take my own life. I could have been dead so many times. I thank God that I am alive.”

And now he thanks God for his new life in Jesus … and his new wife, who walks with him as they walk with Jesus.


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